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Sometimes it’s a hard puzzle to crack when it comes to choosing the right soccer tipping website. Because of the several tipping websites out there, the bettor starts searching for the best that promises to give high returns and more wins which is his priority.

Whenever you visit a soccer tipping website you would notice that a lot of bettors would like to advertise their services with banner ads. Does it look creepy? That sports bookies might want to market players who’re seemingly getting genuine soccer tipster’s prediction today from a professional service. The controversy here is that majority of websites out there are making a lot of money from your losses.

It is easily predictable on how this works. The website will set up a very precise affiliate agreement with different bookies so that everyone can profit from the business. In this type of agreement, the bookie will give a percentage of your losses back to the site that linked you to them through their ads, which made you to subscribe to their service. This percentage ranges from 5% up to 40% which means, that apart from the subscription you pay, the tipping website will also gain up to 30% of the money that you lose.

What do you really understand from this? It means that the people you trust to help you with genuine betting tips might benefit more from your losing than from your winning. This is sometimes terrifying for those bettors who are staking big money on each and every game they play.

You don’t need to be an expert to know that this type of agreement is good for you. As a matter of fact, it is set up to make you fail and when you have to pay tipping websites for bad tips, you lose twice and they win twice.

Some of these websites are going to give you crappy information if they are able to get by with it not only do they have detestable method to win from your loss, however they also have banners that offer “special promotions” like doubling your first deposit or giving out a deposit bonus simply to get your interest and to have you subscribe to a bookie through their website.

However, we are one of the verified soccer tipsters’ websites that don’t have this type of setup. We never considered joining such an affiliate program with any bookie that is why you are never going to see any bookies’ banners on our website. We value our customers and we want you to have a profit from joining our service that is why we always do everything we possibly can to give you the best football tips from a verified soccer tipster.

Do you think you want to make real wins? Making cool profits from your bets and stakes let’s take a look at some simple guidelines for picking the right websites for your bets.


Firstly, is how appropriate their statistical evaluation is carried out? When an expert statistical analysis is performed by a verified soccer tipster it is simple to find out numerous patterns that can be exploited. Only these patterns can help the predictions to be successful for a long period.


Situational trends are developments that will occur primarily based on previous records. This previous information may not depend much on the statistics. But sometimes it might be on the field and off the factors. Motivation may play a vital role in performance. Sometimes a team might not be good like their opponent which they are absolutely aware of.

How emotional do you think this team will feel when they are being talked about in the sports newspapers/dailies? Such a team will feel inferior which will make them bring out the very best in them. Successful soccer predictions may be based totally on this alone. It also works in reverse way such that the superior team must be psychologically sound to defeat the opponent.

If it looks uncertain then a doubtlessly profitable betting opportunity might occur. However whatsoever resource you’re getting your soccer predictions from must have experienced verified soccer tipsters who are in a position to study and discover these deviations. These are the sort of deviations that allow you to achieve success in a game that very few people win in the long run.

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